About the Scottish Travel Society?

After planning my first visit to Scotland, which was completely overwhelming, I founded The Scottish Travel Society as a resource on Facebook to act as a Q&A type forum for people planning to visit Scotland, and people that had visited Scotland and wanted to share with a group.

My first trip to Scotland was October 2015. I had a wonderful travel agent, I just needed more information to study, and people that had visited Scotland to talk to. I bought 14 guidebooks, read them cover to cover, but that still was not exactly what I was looking for.

I did travel, with all of the information I had poured over, sifted through and tried to learn about Scotland. During the visit Scotland something stirred deeply in my soul, forever changing me. My life has never been the same since my first visit to this alluring, extraordinary country.

I returned home (already planning the next visit before the wheels of the aircraft ever left the runway in Edinburgh) and started The Scottish Travel Group, which evolved into the Scottish Travel Society. STS was to be a resource on Facebook as a Q&A forum. I found it difficult planning my first trip to Scotland and wanted to create a place for people trying to learn about, or plan a visit to Scotland. The Scottish Travel Society has blossomed into over 37,00 members. STS is a vibrant and friendly community where Scots and people who have been to Scotland can share excellent travel advice. We are truly worldwide with members living all over the globe. A dedicated team and I take care of the Scottish Travel Society Facebook page. Scottish Travel Society has achieved great success, beyond anything I ever imagined, and is beloved by many people affectionately known as โ€œClan STS.โ€

I have made several visits to Scotland and have watched Scottish Travel Society grow over the last 4+ years. Many people are planning their first visit, while others travel every year. With all the questions asked in the group, I felt it was time to make a website for the Scottish Travel Society that reflects upon the needs of the group. I have created the website to assist people planning their trip to Scotland.

So, a warm welcome to the Scottish Travel Society website. I have created a searchable directory for some of the most popular things people are looking for; Hotels, Restaurants, and Tours just to name a few. Countless hours have gone into making this site very special and will best suit the needs of Clan STS. You will find a variety of things to search for, all mapped out, and with links that will direct you to the companyโ€™s website you are looking into. We now have listings of what I call the Scottish โ€œhotspotsโ€, along with many other smaller towns. We do plan to keep growing the site, to have as much to search in Scotland as possible.

In addition we offer special Tours of Scotland, with many of them being exclusive for STS. We handpicked some of the best tours and guides Scotland has to offer to save you time and money on your trip.

I hope you love the website. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions. beth@scottishtravelsociety.com