Hadrian’s Wall….. The Borders and Beyond

📋 Itinerary

There is a large distance involved in this tour, with much to see, so it is a very full day. I think remaining flexible, with the principle objectives as outlined below, is the way to approach this journey, as there are other points of interest along the route, such as Dryburgh and Kelso abbeys, along with other sites along Hadrian’s Wall. Time is the only limiting factor, and I’m happy to  get you back to Edinburgh later in the evening, so we can fit in as much as possible! 

🔵 Pick you up from your hotel at 8.30am

🔵 Head south towards Melrose, taking in the scenery, along with Soutra and Trimontium en route, the road is following the old Roman road called Dere Street at this point.

🔵 Melrose Abbey, and then Jedburgh, which should provide a timely lunch stop.

🔵 Continue towards the English Border and then encounter Hadrian’s Wall at Chesters. This is a significant site where the Victorian John Clayton discovered some Roman stones in his garden, which after much excavation in the succeeding decades, resulted in the unearthing of the buildings and stones, inspiring more detailed excavations in other places along the wall.

🔵 Next is Housesteads, a fort built right on the Wall itself. This is an extensive site, but unlike the other places we visit, does require a walk of about a mile along quite a steep path. For those who are doubtful about walking up a hill, we can be flexible and spend more time at Vindolanda.

🔵 Visit Vindolanda and Vici for the famous fort and museum. Vindolanda is incredibly impressive, the museum on site is amazing, stuffed with treasures preserved in the mud, including “Britain’s greatest treasure” which are the Vindolanda tablets….small sandwiches of wood with messages written inside from Roman foot soldiers. 

🔵 On to the Roman Army Museum, which depicts life on the Wall through various artefacts…and a very impressive 3D film.

🔵 Continue to our secret location nearby on the Wall itself, which is accessible to those who don’t want to struggle all the way up the hill at Housesteads, providing some classic photo opportunities!

🔵 Scenic route back to Edinburgh, stopping for dinner at a country pub en route.

🚫 Restrictions

All tours are £500 per day regardless if its 1 person or 8.

🧭 Meeting Point and Tour Duration

Meeting Point Options: Pick up at hotel or predetermined location at 8:30 AM

Duration: 12 Hours

🚐 Transportation

Private Transportation, maximum of 4 people

✔️ What's Included

Expert guiding service, private transportation, special stops off the beaten path

⭕ Not Included

Entry fees into Melrose Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey and Fort and museum at Hadrian’s Wall. 

Meals not included.

⭐ Description

Visit some of the best and most interesting sites in the Scottish Borders and we will dip our toes into England with a fascinating look at Hadrian’s wall. 

£ Price:

£ 500 Pounds

💡 Tour Details

  • ✔️ First Time Visitor
  • 🚗 Day Trip  / Out of Town
  • 🧭 Local Experience
  • 🎨 Museums / Culture
  • 👪 Youth and Family
  • 🚶Hiking / Walking
  • 🏃Adventure / Active
  • 🏰 History

🧗 Activity Level


👶 Kid Friendly

Yes, although this will be a long day

♿ Wheelchair Friendly

No. Although some of this tour might be suitable for persons with disabilities, some locations would prove challenging for those with mobility issues. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Maximum Travelers


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