Five Great Reasons to Visit Scotland

Scotland has more to offer than most visitors expect. There are lots of reasons to visit but these are GREAT reasons to visit Scotland. Enjoy!!

1 – History

Scotland has a history dating back thousands of years – in fact, it goes way back to pre-historical times, or Neolithic times. Scotland is home to some of the best preserved Neolithic archaeology in the world. The most obvious being places such as Skara Brae in Orkney or Callanish standing stones in Lewis but there are hundreds of similar sites all over the country, making it an archaeologist’s dream. Then there’s the castles – nowhere in the world has as many castles per square mile than Scotland does, and a huge number of them remain intact and are either private family homes, or open to the public so that anyone can enjoy them. From Dunrobin and Eilean Donan in the Highlands to Edinburgh and Stirling in the low-lands, the castles here are simply stunning.

2 – Whisky

Okay, so you can get whisky in many places around the world but nowhere is as famous for their whisky as Scotland. There are hundreds of whisky distilleries all over the place, from the more famous brands such as Glenlivet and Talisker, to countless smaller distilleries. Few things are as synonymous with Scotland as a good Scotch whisky is. Scotch Whisky is not only distinct, but it cannot be sold as Scotch unless it has been completely matured here. Also, for a whisky to truly be considered Scotch, it has to be matured in oak casks only. The Scottish climate is maybe not always be considered as the friendliest, but it is ideal for whisky making.

3 – The Adventure

Scotland is fast becoming recognized as a world leader in outdoor and adventure sports. This opinion stems in part from its geological make-up. The large mountain trails across the country make for excellent biking, hiking, mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding. The fact that the country is comparatively small in size means you are never too far from the sea. This makes an ideal setting for water sports, such as surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding to name a few. In addition, with thousands of lochs and other bodies of water, large and small across Scotland, the opportunity to engage in water sports of any kind is easily realized. Also, while partaking in any or all of these outdoor and adventure sports, one can’t help but enjoy the country’s incredible scenery…which coincidentally brings us to our number four reason…

4- The Scenery

Taking just one look, it is easy to see that the scenery in Scotland is simply breathtaking. Supporting this statement and the overall incredible scenery across the country, the readers on the homesite of one of the most respected names among travel publishing, Rough Guides recently voted Scotland as the Most Beautiful Country in the World. The awe-inspiring landscape across the country is comparable to something straight out of a fantasy epic. Scotland’s ancient and stunning Glens, the spectacular mountains and lochs are truly a sight to behold almost to the point that one may feel as though they were transported to the Celtic Otherworld. While the country does see large amounts of rainfall, many feel this not only adds to the country’s charm, but it also assists in the beautiful greenery that has become synonymous with Scotland and its country side.

5 – The People

It is not uncommon to hear travelers and visitors say that the Scots are the friendliest people in the world. Whether or not this is fact is something you will have to decide once you are welcomed into the country and have a chance interact with our people. So, come on along and join us Scots in a Ceilidh and have a wee dram. Slainte! 😊

It goes without saying that there are certainly more than five reasons to visit Scotland, but these are far too numerous to name in and would have become an entire book rather than a blog post. Once you make the journey to see for yourself, we think you’ll agree that this wee country is simply superb and really ought to be on everyone’s bucket list. Fáilte!

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